10 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Caroline Wilson gives us 10 top tips on reducing food waste at home – cutting both our carbon footprint and our living costs at the same time.

Fruit, Veg & Wildlife in a Smaller Garden

Insects are attracted by profusely flowering plants such as the hot-lips salvia, while bug and bee hotels offer them the chance to stay and to hibernate. Similarly, the small pond attracts newts and frogs and a nearby pile of old wood and tiles gives them somewhere to over-winter.

Hassle Free Veganuary

Don’t give up, be different, show some sticking power. To hopefully help with your Veganuary pledge I’ve included some tips for getting through it.

How to grow food in a small garden

This garden packs in a wide range of fruit and veg in just 10 square metres. A great opportunity to explore something very special with a pond, raised beds, fruit trees, compost bins and shaded seating areas.